Install Laravel 5.4 || Login & Register || URL Slug || Social networking Tutorial – Part 1


we need to add new fields/columns slug and Gender in users table , laravel have str_slug pre-defined function which help us to generate slug with any string.

for example: $title = str_slug(‘Hardeep Singh’, ‘-‘);

output: Hardeep-singh

  • Go to Laravel official website and copy a command composer createproject preferdist laravel/laravel blog(change blog with your project name)
  • Open CMD and path to your server (my was xampp/htdocs) and enter this command & enter.19048363_1329878667088154_991854174_o
  • now we need to create login and resgiter system with command called php artisan make:auth. it will create migreations for database tables.19047334_1329886780420676_1270436596_o



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